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Artful Expressions of the Heart

Love Notes Event & Occasion Specialists is a boutique event design firm specializing in wedding planning and event design and production. By designing and coordinating customized, couture events reflecting our clients' individual interests, style and spirit, Love Notes has earned a reputation for creating unforgettable experiences that far surpass our clients' expectations.

Established in 1999 by Carolyn M. Mason, Love Notes is a harmonious blend of her many years of event planning experience and her passion for all things beautiful and rare. At the heart of Love Notes' success is her uncanny ability to marry emotion with style, spirit with design and vision with inspiration. By building longstanding collaborative relationships with a team of pre-screened artisans in the field of floral design, catering, photography, invitation design and other elements, Love Notes is able to assure its clients that their events will be managed and executed with precise attention to every detail. This uncompromising meticulousness results in a seamless and customized sensory experience for all of our clients.

Love Notes' design philosophy is inspired by the earth's gifts of love, music and fragrance. To create beautiful music or fragrant perfume, different notes combine to produce harmony. In particular, perfume is composed of three very distinct notes:
1) Notes of the Head (top notes) 2) Notes of the Heart (middle notes) and Notes of Depth (base notes). Though each note has its own scent, which blended together, they create a single, unifying emotion. The same is true of love—two individual notes combine to form one heart, one sound and one universal love.

As the familiar phrase goes, "Love is a many splendored thing." At Love Notes we believe that a couple's love for one another has many layers and dimensions. Over time, a couple's relationship develops into something that, like a full-bodied perfume or a well-orchestrated symphony, has both a simple melody when the notes are played alone, or a complex harmony when played together.

So, whether it's in music, fragrance, love or design, Love Notes believes that one note should not overpower the other. Rather, balance, scale and harmony must prevail at all times if a consistent and focused design is to be created. At Love Notes, we strive to create experiences composed of varying layers of intensity, drama and emotion. Our elements will awaken your senses and, like a familiar melody, evoke subtle remembrances of love, celebration and passion.

Let our passion for and appreciation of life's beauty be our Love Note to you. Our extensive satisfied client list has enjoyed our uncompromising attention to detail and so will you. Let Us Inspire You.

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